ACT Police mourn death of colleague

June 8, 2011

Flags were at half mast in the nations capital today as law enforcement officers mourned the death of a colleague killed in action.

Seargent Obeyse Piag from ACT Police’s highly covert Donut Protection Unit (DPU) was fatally wounded during a fire fight outside a local krispy kremes outlet.

“No words can express the eternal gratitude my men have for people like Seargent Obeyese, who put their cholesterol on the line to protect donuts city wide” said Senior Constable Luke Lyka-Wale.

Police have yet to apprehend the killer, however believe representatives of coffee chain Starbucks, who were seen in the area days earlier, may be able to help with their investigation.


Information wanted – Do you know this man?

June 8, 2011